What to Expect From Fencing Estimates

The price of a fence depends on the customer’s needs.  Things that affect the cost of a fence and to take into consideration are height, footage, location of the fence and the fence materials that will be used.  There is no equation to figure the coast on an averaged sized backyard.  We offer free fencing estimates so that you know what your options are and what it will cost to install your fence.  Each customer and the job is unique. We prefer to quote jobs and not to give generic per-foot quotes.  Once you have decided to install a fence there are some items you should be prepared to discuss with the estimator: What is the purpose of the fence, what is the exact location of the fence, how high do you want the fence, what style do you want your fence and what material do you want to use on the fence. What is your approximate budget for the fence and when is your desired completion date.  If you have the answers to these questions already answered before the estimator arrives things will go much more smoothly and we will be able to give you a very accurate estimate of your desired fence.  If you aren’t sure exactly what type of fence you want or have other questions regarding your fence, our estimator will arrive with material samples, photos and other information to help you make a more informed decision on your fence.  We are always kind, courteous and conscientious of your needs and desire for your fencing needs and your yard.