Frequently Asked Questions

How much will an average fence cost me?
Our most asked question, the price of a fence depends on customer’s needs and specifics on height, footage, location and materials used. There is no magic equation for the “average size back yard.” Each customer and job is unique! We prefer to quote jobs, not to give generic per-foot quotes, so that attention can be given to every detail!

What basic information do I need to consider before an estimate?
Once you have decided to install a fence, you should be prepared to discuss the following points with a representative from CCC Fence: the purpose of the fence, the exact location of the fence, what type of design features you want (height, style, material), your approximate budget, and your desired completion date.

What are the basic fence materials?
Basic fence materials for residential use include: pressure treated wood (picket, estate and privacy), rustic split rail with wire mesh, classic ornamental aluminum fence, chainlink, and the new polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fences.

Which is better cedar or pressure treated materials?
The basic differences between cedar and pressure-treated materials are the life and visual appearance of the lumber. Cedar, usually western red, is a dense, yet light material with a tendency to resist rotting and infestation as long as it is kept above ground contact. Pressure-treated pine, is a dense, heavyweight material with a mix of chemicals injected into the lumber during a treatment process at the mill. The MicroPro Treated wood process is certified under SCS’s Environmentally Preferable Product. This is environmentally safe and prevents rotting or infestation from occurring during the life of the lumber. This provides for durability and longevity in custom fences. CCC Fence recommends pressure-treated posts and either a Western Red Cedar picket or Domestic Southern Yellow Pine picket.

What kind of warranty do you offer on my fence?
You will have a one-year warranty on all workmanship and materials on your new purchase. This warranty is backed by over a decade of proven customer service and satisfaction. In addition, the materials used in the installation of your fence are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please ask for specifics on the product you choose! Ornamental aluminum fences and PVC fences offer a lifetime limited warranty and is maintance free.

How should I care for my wood fence?
Although it seems obvious, we like to remind customers to use their gates with care and keep them closed especially during harsh wind and storms. Gate hardware may need to be checked or tightened occasionally. At six to twelve months: you should apply a water repellant (for example, Thompson’s Waterseal) to aid the pressure treatment. It is important that a water-repellant coat of paint or stain be applied after the wood of your fence “cures” or dries naturally. This will reduce the amount of shrinkage and warping of materials. Repeat every year or so. Once a stain, paint or water repellant has been applied, no additional care is needed to maintain the fence. With the proper care and attention, you can expect to enjoy years of satisfaction from your new fence!

Why choose CCC Fence?
Ask ANY ONE of our past customers. Attention to detail and fast, friendly service are our priorities. We aim to do this by offering a fair price without gimmicks or phony pricing schemes. We treat each customer as we would want to be treated! Find out for yourself!